Welcome to NRA-GO

The National Rifle Association is an organization built on promoting and encouraging marksmanship. Early on in the organization’s history, the NRA turned its interest to promoting the shooting sports, especially among our nation's youth. It is those fundamental ideas of education and training that sustain many of the programs the NRA offers to the public today, a story that unfortunately isn't being told by today's mass media.

To promote and present a consistent message about the direction and growth of NRA programs and the NRA’s commitment to education, training and marksmanship, a brand needed to be created. The NRA has a new mission, getting back to the core of what we do best, what the organization was founded on.

NRA-GO isn't really anything new but simply a way of showcasing all of the amazing programs the NRA has to offer while encouraging the public to learn and participate in the shooting sports. Too often all we hear about is the politics of the gun, but without the next generation enjoying what it is we love best about trying that new firearm out at a range, hunting with your buddies, or just being active in the outdoors, all of those politics won't really matter.

In marketing, branding matters. That's why the companies and organizations that do it well are the most successful. The NRA brand is right up there with the strongest and most recognizable brands in the world. It is extremely important that we educate the public so that when they see or hear “NRA” they recognize the organization for promoting all aspects of the outdoor lifestyle. To any firearm enthusiast, that's what really matters. Having the ability to go enjoy the sport they love and we all know that it only takes one opportunity for exposure to the shooting sports to be hooked for life.

Day in and day out, Americans from all walks of life turn to the NRA to be educated and trained in the shooting sports. They come to the NRA to be trained by the best but also because they know the NRA wants them to be safe while having fun and enjoying the outdoors. That's what NRA-GO is all about.

Join us in helping spread the word that the National Rifle Association is dedicated to getting Americans active and engaged in the shooting sports. This is a tipping point in the history of the shooting sports. The doors are waiting to be busted open. GO Learn about the history of firearms from the NRA Museum; GO Train with an expert NRA Certified Instructor; GO Shoot at your local range and hunt with your friends and family; or GO Compete against your local club members in a new and exciting 3 gun event. Involve yourself and others in the outdoors and the shooting sports, and join the NRA-GO movement.


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